Amethyst Palms and Golden Afternoons (1)

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There are crystals that will help with focus and balance, two elements vital to keeping your tribe values rock-hard. Much like the soft blue hue of the crystal, Blue Lace Agate promotes peace and tranquility. The key to everlasting friendship is well-known. Maintaining peace between our friends is vital, especially if you are all hot-headed characters much like my tigress friends and I.

If you're the quiet one in your tribe, then this crystal will help your voice be heard as it energies the throat chakra.

This crystal helps express your thoughts and feelings verbally. The nature of this crystal is cooling, so any fevers, inflammation and skin irritation can be soothed. Heat begone! Pictured above is the small 6 MM wrist gems. The stone of honesty, compassion and morality. One cannot stress anymore the importance of the aforementioned values, especially from an early age. Having a proper compass that points to the right direction is vital to everyone, and Lapis Lazuli is like the magnet that attracts the arrow.

This stone bonds relationships, keeping those important to you even closer. Lapis Lazuli isn't actually a crystal, but a combination of several rock-types such as Pyrite, Calcite and Lazurite. Browse through our Lapis Lazuli wrist gems here. I am totally biased when it comes to labradorite.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show - Vendor Showcase |

It is one of my favourites, and I dare to admit it is because of the gold and blue shine that sometimes blinds you when you play with it in the sun. Looking at the veins that bleed through the stone reminds me of a scene from Avatar , when the forest glows in the dark. This is a stone of perseverance. Becoming attached to a labradorite is easy, and after it becomes your long-term companion on your wrist or in your pocket, it helps aid you reveal the truths behind illusions.

Fears, insecurities, and the feeling of helplessness are all banished by this stone, and replaces them with a calm consciousness. I like to gift Labradorites to friends who have problems with anxiety and sleeplessness.

The Crystal Collector gets flooded by rain but finds amethyst quartz crystals!

Working in the creative industry, it is plentiful with insomnia and reverse-working hours. Besides, these stones are so pretty and always make me dream of an enchanted forest somewhere, and so have my friends said Shop our varieties of Labradorite here! If wrist gems aren't for you, check out our stunning palm stones. Our afternoon together ended with Amethyst. It is such a powerful and generic stone that for anyone with any ailments or in need of a crystal to lean on, I will always recommend this. Although priced for the most serious and wealthy collectors, their beauty was free for all to see.

There were lots of amazing amethyst geodes. Some of the pieces weighed over a ton, but there were plenty of pocket-sized specimens, too. In addition to the vendors, there were collectors' displays, exhibits, and many pieces of interesting artwork. Mike Woodward Photography had a booth with lots of colorful art for sale. Subjects of his photographic image prints include ammonites, jasper, charoite, labradorite, tiger's-eye, tiger iron, radiolarite, pietersite, various agates, meteorites, and thunder eggs.

What Does a Broken Crystal Mean?

One of the artists on display was Wendell E. More delicate or valuable mineral specimens were protected with glass cases. A few items had their own armed guards. These are just a few of the many, many mineral samples at the Tucson Convention Center.


Hundreds of different minerals were available for purchase, in a vast array of sizes, qualities, and prices. There were supplies and equipment for lapidary artists, such as this faceting machine from Ultra Tec. Facets are created by grinding the edges of a gemstone on the abrasive disc, or lap. There were also minerals from private collections on exhibit, like this specimen of tourmaline with quartz and cleavelandite from the Robert Lavinsky Collection.

The clear base is 7 inches wide. Trilobite fossils were extremely popular. Specimens were on exhibit and for sale from many parts of the world, ranging in length from a few millimeters to nearly a meter. The Black Hills Institute of Geological Research had a big display, with large fossils, models, and books. The giant sloth fossil in the background was enormous! The treasures we found at the "mine" included tiger's-eye , jasper, aventurine , sodalite , rose quartz , agate , rhodonite , some shark teeth, a stone arrowhead, fossilized crinoid segments, and more. Lucky prospectors could even find a diamond hidden in the sand; on the afternoon we stopped by, six people had already found diamonds.

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The Happy Prospector is based out of Murfreesboro, Arkansas - the home of Crater of Diamonds State Park, which has the only mine in the world where visitors can hunt for diamonds and keep what they find. Here is an educational calcite exhibit, showing samples of calcite in many different forms. The number of amazing fossils, gems and minerals seemed infinite. These were brought to the show by Western Minerals, Tucson. A person could stay in Tucson, AZ for several weeks and still not see everything here at the world's largest gem, mineral and fossil show.

It's really something spectacular, so mark your calendars now if you're thinking about attending next year's show! Fossils in the Hotel Tucson Ballroom Dinosaur fossils and replicas were exhibited and sold by several vendors at the Hotel Tucson. Fine Mineral Specimen Display These fine mineral specimens were on display and available for purchase in the exhibit halls.