Get Rid Of Debt In 5 Simple Steps: The Simple And Relax Way To Stay Out Of Debt Forever

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Their killer whip with fat rims. I listened to you, Dave, you told me the monthly number. Did we eliminate the debt completely? That sucks if all you care about is upgrading your ride over a couple of years so you can look fresh for all the honeys. Let that sink in. Monthly obligations are what matters, not your gross total debt. Student Loans: The only way to avoid any economic bubble bursting is to lower your own debt and increase your own worth. In the long run, absolutely.

You might be able to get your home loan in , these incredibly low rates, while you still have a student loan at incredibly low rates and pay them both off and increase your net worth. For now, your payment might just be a part of the monthly money that you owe. Once you follow all the other steps to get financially ready, you could still be approved for a home loan with your current student loan that sits on your ledger as another monthly debt, like a credit card or a car loan.

Forget the gross number. There are so many factors. If you think that you have to pay off your entire loan before you even broached the idea of buying a house, you could be incorrect. Think of this. On average, the same principles apply to renting versus buying, even if you have large gross student debt.

How To Financially Prepare To Buy Your First Home – Part V

What are those basic principles? We talked about them a lot before. Your largest monthly payment every single month is housing. As a renter, it has no bearing on your future at all. What are the other pieces of the puzzle? Tax benefits and deductions. You also have your equity growth and then we have our entire mission statement.

All of those basic principles, they still apply. All you need to do now is add your student loan monthly, not gross, into your own personal equation. Stop looking at the dragons. Stop freaking out about that because the bank is looking at that one little paw, one little claw, one little dragon foot or whatever they call it. You could ask them questions.

Easy Steps To Get Out Of Debt, According To A Certified Financial Planner

Most of my first-time buyers added those monthly payments into their monthly debt. For most home loans, most mortgage banks will look at it in one or two ways. By the way, if all those words sounded like another language to you, no stress, then this is not your problem. Once again, you need a pro, you need a guide. Our network is growing and our success stories are piling up. Together with that unicorn agent, someone who cares about you, the first-time buyer, you can run your numbers.

Understanding that a refinance is going to extend your loan, just like the car example that I gave you. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, even some software studs who have killer jobs. After they took a look at their student loan numbers and they ran the numbers with a solid realtor and a lender team, they figured out that the refinance programs, similar to the car guy that we talked about, that was the best thing for them.

All these first-time buyers all over the country being treated like the kings and queens that you are. We want to make sure that you avoid that peasant treatment the real estate industry loves to give all you first-time buyers. These answers can only help you. If you need some help, go to my website DavidSidoni. I have people in your area who are starting to hear my message. Hit me up. I stay up late to write these thoughts out for you.

Once you run the numbers, if a home fits your best equation, you still have to slay the rest of the dragon eventually. By that, I mean eliminate the rest of the student loan.

BUT WAIT! Before you start building six figures …

Is forgiveness of the loan an option? People keep saying that in the news. Will uncle Bernie make a plan and save me? They include your income-based repayment, the pays you earn repayment, the revised pay as you earn or income-contingent plans. They also have graduate repayment plans, occupation specific student loan forgiveness programs, student loan forgiveness programs for teachers and nurses and people like that.

These programs exist. The rules are changing daily and I am certainly not the expert. I can tell you this. The word on the street is these things are tough, so check it out. Maybe you can get forgiven but in the meantime, start your own plan and remember, any of these forgiveness programs have tax implications. Make sure that you talk to your tax pro about that.

Have I bumped you out completely? Unless a pro looks at all of your options, consolidating everything and then compares it to other potential refinances, you could end up paying a lot more.

Get Out Of Debt -Take The Pledge

In fact, for sure, when you consolidate your federal student loans under a direct loan consolidation, you do not lower your interest rates. Check these options out. Look into forgiveness. Good luck if you can find one. Do not stop paying. You can get sued, your credit will get totally jacked up and your debt is likely to increase. Reach out.

Contact me. You might be able to just refinance it.

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Number six. Information is knowledge. This is important.

How we paid off our house in 5 years!

Step six is once you know all this, how do you make the short-term or long-term plan to decrease your loan and live your best life? That balance we talked about. Maybe refinance the dragon while you build your wealth with a house. A few years ago I found this guy. His name is Adam Carroll.