Haint Blue: A Play

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The other common choice is a dead red cedar, because the wood doesn't rot.

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People also get creative now and use metal structures for convenience and aesthetics. The fun part is collecting the bottles. Somewhere along the way, cobalt blue became the favored color, and the milk of magnesia bottles were most popular. Barring that, wine bottles are also popular.

Southern Perspective: Bottle trees and haint blue

If you can't get hold of cobalt blue, then a nice "haint" blue would be good. Yep, as in haunt blue. Apparently, paint companies sell it as a soft blue-green, but bottle tree aficionados say the term is more of a concept, which can apply to many shades of blue. It's supposed to be particularly effective in warding off the spirits of the night, hence the name.

I think I might need a bottle tree.

Haint Blue - Mysterious and Elusive Paint Color

Intermission Impossible talked to Haint playwright Justin Asher prior to a workshop production of the new work in Intermission Impossible: Since this is a new work, maybe you can tell us a little about what we can expect to see, without telling us too much, of course. Mercy, the central character, who used to be a well-known root worker and healer, now secludes herself in her home and depends on her thirty year old son, Charlie, as her only source to the outside world. It does however try to make you uncomfortable at moments. II: I grew up in rural Middle Tennessee and there was a place called "Hainted Holler" so I always immediately associate that version of the word "Haunt" with older, more rural traditions.

I'm curious as to where you picked up the word, and what images you hope it evokes even before people have experienced the play. He used to tell me ghost stories from back home and it just sort of stuck. This story is a rural piece which has elements of folk traditions, superstition and hoodoo.

Both of which were used to keep the spirits away. I have a deep appreciation for those sorts of things. For being respectful of the world you cannot see and looking for the signs and clues it leaves out for us to find. Victoria makes it easy to understand how our colorfully pigmented world came to be.

Haint Blue - Sixty Years Of It - Sofar Baltimore

If you have have a passion for color, you should know who William Perkin was and what he did for color. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. We fell in love with this color.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Very hard color to find at the paint store. So many variations of color. Love find out about Haint colors. Our house is antique white, which is actually a pale yellow. The house sits high on a hill, so the blue ceiling is a nice touch that is easily seen. I love it.

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Having lived in SC all my life, I grew up seeing blue ceilings, so didn't think much of it. We do not have problems with spiders and wasps because of the very reason you stated, they think it's the sky. Oh, and we haven't had a problem with haints ghosts either! Just painted my porch ceilings a sky blue. A friend happen to ask if it was 'Haint Blue'. At first I wondered if it was a play on words, so decided to look it up.

I found this site with the historical background and loved the info. Just want to say thanks and keep up the good work!! I need the two wall colors and both ceiling colors.

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Oh my, what a beautiful collection of blues! The story being the haint blue paint is fascinating, too. We had trouble with wasps and barn swallows building nests on our front porch ceiling.

Haint Blue Collective

We painted the ceiling blue and not one wasp nest has been built on the porch since. The blue definitely keeps birds and wasps from landing on the ceiling. We still have humming birds feeding but no barn swallow or wasp nests. Have you developed the Southwestern Haint Blue formula yet?

Haint blue

I am anxiously awaiting. Lori Sawaya: Please do. Since spirits do not cross water, they are all trapped on the island. Homeowners paint the porch ceiling haint blue to prevent their crossing into the house. I am in the process of having my house painted and I thought surely someone has written about the blue porch ceilings in Savannah and Charleston. I was really excited to be lead to this blog!

I cannot wait to read more! I love color! AnnGallops: Looking forward to that blog post, Ann. Curious about Feng Shui symbolism. Your blog is such a great resource any way - can't wait for this addition. Absolutely fascinating! I'll definitely link to this post when I write my own blog about this.