Half-Life2 und der Container (German Edition)

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Right next to Utrecht Central station. Before that, he studied design at the University of Washington and worked on various freelance design projects. When he's not working, Alden can be found chasing his competitive ambitions in cycling and swimming. He commutes to work by swimming back and forth across Lake Washington every day.

Let's Mod Smod Redux 8 (Half-Life 2 Modifikation) [German-Part 1]

Most weekends, he relaxes by riding his bike to Portland. Carl has worked on human spacecraft, commercial aircraft, and a variety of electronic products. At Valve, he works on making technology comfortable, mainly.

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Chris attended a nationally accredited university and has an actual degree in something or other. He remembers liking fine art and filmmaking classes the most. Dhabih is as happy to be here today as he was on the first day he started back in His name is pronounced ZA-bee. Emily works on the UI for Steam; library, mobile apps, community, support, sales, and security. Emily wants you to protect your account with the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.

He has had a creative role in launching print, online, and new media endeavors as a senior art director for Incite PC Gaming magazine, art director for PC Accelerator, and associate art director for PC Gamer. At Valve, you can find Q!

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In his spare time, Q! Get over it, already! Reigning Valve fantasy football champion. University of Washington VCD graduate. Although he sucks at actually playing video games, he loves working on them. Originally from the east coast, Al moved to Seattle in and joined Valve a couple years later in Anish joined Valve in where he is one of the main developers behind Steam Audio. He cares deeply about helping people tell stories and focuses predominantly on tools, UI, and systems.

As a child, Brian learned how to program by cracking all the computer games he couldn't afford to buy. As an adult, he decided to join the games industry as a way to make up for his reprehensible childhood. At LookingGlass, he worked on Flight Unlimited.


He joined Valve in and has contributed to just about everything the company has shipped since then. Brian focuses mostly on engine and graphics technology, with the occasional foray into game design. His responsibilities there included developer support, porting products to hardware, sample code, simple demos, and ultimately working with the 3Dfx developer relations team to manage the engineering game porting effort. Not long after joining Ritual, Charlie and Gary left to start their own company.

Not long after that, Valve made Charlie and Gary an offer "they couldn't refuse. Since joining Valve he's worked on chainsaws and jockeys and spell-stealing wizards and machines that make suggestions on Left 4 Dead and Dota. If not at his desk, Chris can probably be found somewhere on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. If needed, he can be summoned by jingling a bag of Apex seals. Clinton grew up making levels and mods for Quake 3: Arena in the mountains of North Carolina.

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Before joining Valve, he worked at Impulsonic, where he helped make audio great again with advanced sound propagation technology. Having spent his early years between Georgia, Alabama, and Texas, by the end of college Colby was ready to escape the hot, humid weather of the South and jumped on an opportunity to move to the Seattle area and join Microsoft.

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Then, in , he scored his dream job as an engineer at Valve and has been enjoying every minute of it. Dave joined Valve in to work on the rendering and physics aspects of portals for the game Portal. Now he spends most of his time doing low level systems work in Source 2. Here, I spent a decade at Google, mostly building application servers and infrastructure.

After an intervening gig as PE at a smaller big data company, I joined Valve and the Steam team in Drew joined Valve in to work on all things VR. If he manages to remove a VR headset from his face, it's probably because he has a concert to attend. I'm a generalist programmer who has been making games since Lately I've been focusing on networking. Howard spent three years at Microsoft after graduating from Duke University, simultaneously co-founded the OpenDota project, and now engineers various things at Valve.

He has worked on a variety of projects, from game rendering to Source Filmmaker to the Steam iOS client and, most recently, VR game design. He even got to apply his latent CAD skills during a stint as a 3D modeler on Left 4 Dead 2, modeling and texturing over a hundred new models for the game. Way before that, he wrote his first computer game at age 9 and had a game published in a magazine at age A native of Cajun Country, Jay finds Northwest buildings too hot what, no air conditioning?

Jeff grew up in the Philly area and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State. Before joining Valve, he worked on a variety of console and mobile games.

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Joe joined Valve as a programmer in and has spent his time working on item back ends, trading systems, virtual reality, and hats. These days he is helping out with the software side of Valve's hardware effort. Though he started his game industry career at Sierra in , most of the intervening time was spend on trains and pirate ships during his nine years at Flying Lab software. Before that, he was never in Anthrax, no matter what you may have heard on the internet.

Joe started his career at Motorola in Chicago, working on mobile games before it was cool. Right now he's focused on animation technology and tools. John spent his post college graduate years at a struggling Web 2. Since arriving at Valve, he's landed on the Steam team where he works on a little bit of everything, from Shopping Carts to the in-game Overlay.

His favorite thing about Valve is having a huge, energetic user base, which benefits from the work he does on Steam. John makes software work maybe more than it did previously, with varying degrees of success. Since joining Valve in , he has focused on improving virtual hats, the Linux gaming ecosystem, and intersections thereof.

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Prior to Valve, John was last seen making attempts at improving the free and open web at Mozilla. Jon really really likes writing software, plus doing all the other things you have to do in order to make software useful to humans once you've written it. Keith joined Valve from Blizzard, where he was the Lead Gameplay Engineer on Overwatch working on the game from concept to ship. Now he's happy to be working on solving all sorts of features at Valve.

I joined Valve in to work on Steam. I am passionate about web services, video games and hardware.

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When I am not at work I am programming engine computers for old cars or doing needlessly complex microcontroller projects. Martin started at Valve in as a contractor working from Germany and moved to Seattle after graduating from Dortmund University with a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

When he's not programming, he's reading about planes, or talking about planes or flying a plane. Born in Paris, Pierre-Loup is a multiclassed systems and graphics programmer with too many opinions on product design.