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You honestly turned down every job I secured for you? Turning, I begin checking I have everything packed I need. Fact is I do; there is nothing here I need to take.

You made it clear that night was a mistake, now can you leave, please, I am waiting for someone to pick me up. What is it with men? He can't have me, but doesn't want me to leave the city? Well, it is happening. I am not working for someone because he asked them to let me. Not a chance. I walk past him to the door ripping the note off it and throwing it at him. Take a look. I am officially evicted, I stayed well past my welcome.

The 'keep fighting' sentence, I have been here for years fighting living on what little money my dad left me. Which, let's be honest, ran out three months ago. You know when I should have left, but no, I stayed and kept fighting and maxed my overdraft with no way of paying it back.

I have basically been starving myself to try and succeed, and when I finally found a job, I fucked the boss and lost it the same day. Okay my outburst maybe was too much, but he has no right to come in here and tell me what I should or should not be doing. Just accept one of the jobs. God damn it, Anaya, stop being stubborn. Hell he looks hot right now, just like that night, and all I can do is think about kissing him.

I won't though, turning my back to him, the silence lasts far too long. He has clearly left. The feeling of the tears brimming my eyes, making me wonder if I made the wrong choice. Why did he have to come and make out like I am quitting? I have tried for years; I have practically starved myself the past month trying. Standing, I try to compose myself, I don't want to look a mess when Ivy gets here.

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Turning, Marcus is standing right there. Our bodies almost touching, my sex pulsing at the closeness of him. I don't care if this is another mistake, I will take it because when I leave, it will at least be a sweet memory to take with me. His hands grab me and pick me up, my body slamming against the wall, as his hands begin ripping open my shirt and my hands start pulling at his as moans escape my mouth.

His hands begin ripping my underwear off, my skirt lifting around my waist, and I unfasten his trousers. His shaft is pushing out, my hand stroking him and moaning. His lips begin kissing my neck, slowly his teeth biting in, as his cock pushes against my sex. I moan, feeling him entering me, his hips moving quick and hard, my back pushing against the wall.

His hand is running from my hips up to my neck, grasping it. Moaning I look into his eyes. Screw the job, why can't I just have him? He keeps going, his hips moving faster, one hand on my hip and his other hand clamped around my neck, my nails digging into his back as I feel my orgasm rise. My screams are loud as he still somehow manages to thrust harder, sending me over the edge. My body trembling as he finishes himself. His head settles on my shoulder, the quiet, "Fuck," he whispers tells me, this was yet another mistake.

It is screaming say yes, even if he never wants to see me again, just so I may get this again. Even if it is only once every 10 years.

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My head is smart and telling me to burn this bridge right now, and never come back to it. This is going to kill me, yet I want to see him. Walking into the bathroom I get cleaned up before walking back out. He is sitting on my bed waiting, so what is his new offer? I walk over and sit next to him, his hand going into his bag and pulling out a contract.

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Taking it, I look at it, "Brat contract. If I couldn't stop you going, this was the next option; just try it, if you don't like it fine, but try. I am no fool though; today was a very, very small part of him, yet here I am considering it. I don't want to leave not trying, but what other option do I have?

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Agree and sign his contract and be his brat? I know enough about it now that I know what is entailed, but I don't feel strong enough to walk away, so slowly, I nod. Now the issue of I need to sort out is somewhere new to stay, that is not something I had thought about. At any point, you say no, I will take you home. We will discuss the contract in full tonight at dinner. But right now, I am taking you for food, because you look awful. We will sort you out somewhere to live after if you want your own space.

Grab your coat, and I will carry your bags. Call off the pick up. He places the bags in his car and waits for me to join him. Getting in the car, my phone rings, looking at the screen it is Ivy, so I best answer it. You can't live there; you can't feed yourself. How the hell are you going to find a way to pay for a place?

This is why I left because everyone told me I should stay at home and I wouldn't make it. I am taking a risk here, a huge risk, but I don't want to walk away from him, I don't want to give him up yet. Erotica author, BDSM lover, and poetry writer. I often to give advice to others regarding sex, bdsm, sex toys and relationships. Got a question and want it answering on the page? Every woman deserves a Titty Tote. Something she can throw a few things into and head out to the beach. A bag for the every day chores of today's modern, on the go girl. She will carry a statement of A dancer, model, and child actor who had guest starred on Silver Spoons along side fello Join us and answer the immortal question of whether or not these girls have butt plugs or not.

A butt plug is a sex toy that is designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure.

Women frequently betray a strong erotic preference for dominant males.

In some way Grindhouse is a return to the world of the real. The focal object of the lens is a defenceless masculine-yet-capable body in a position of submission. The power dynamic of captor-captive reflects the dialogue between what is happening on-screen and our expectations — what might be done to him? At certain intervals throughout the cutscene, the player is to take control of the camera, switching between different camera angles.

From his face, to glimpse at his backside, to directly peering into between his legs. Put differently, we may project our desires on his body whenever we want. This power play is a recurring scene in Metal Gear Solid, especially in its torture scenes. Almost every game contains a scene where either Snake or Boss is stripped and bound to a device that stretches out his body in a vulnerable position while an older man punishes his body.

Traditional masculinity is poised to prove its worth, so a healthy fantasy can consider when it fails. The homoeroticism of male pain is only accessible because it is hardly instructed to be sexual, at least not in the straight male gaze. Naming post-Saw slasher films and body horror flicks as examples, he finds that the cinematography of male torture commonly takes on a sadistic, though non-sexual form.

But the suffering of women is almost always shot pornographically, even when tortured. This takes on an uncomfortable, predatory, and rape-y vibe. Metal Gear Solid, even with its implications of homomasculinity, is contrasted by a difficult, almost thoughtlessly negative view of women in the military. Both fail to account for the production of sexist violence.

Their hard, chiseled, scarred bodies represent and reveal strength, labor, determination, loyalty, and courage. This allows the man to instrumentalise his body — weaponise masculinity — as a vessel of power and will. This is directly characterised by Big Boss, who has had five games dedicated to displaying his Spartan spirit. All Metal Gear Solid games are in some sense about this recreation of Rambo. All, but one.

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  5. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots did something different. It made us play as an old man, an old man we know. Solid Snake has all but shriveled up; he is frail and clings to his cigarettes like a grandparent in a foster home.