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Through watching their films on television, and later when the family bought one of the first VCRs in DC, on originally pirated videotape, my dad and I were able to return to the decades of his childhood and young adulthood. I remember looking up to him not only for what he shared, but for what he loved, the cinematic and historical topics on which he could speak with such authority and enthusiasm.

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Historian Howard Zinn did the same with history, using storytelling to return my Boston University classmates and me to the s and s. And as social proof for his experiences, he would bring icons who were important in previous decades to our classroom so we could hear their stories, and ask them questions.

Ron Kovik told us about the stories relayed in his memoir Born on the Fourth of July. Julian Bond was a Georgia congressman who during the turbulent Democratic convention became the first African American to have his name entered into nomination as a major-party candidate for Vice President of the United States.

He declined that opportunity, but did not decline the invitation from Professor Zinn to come speak before his students. I bring up my dad and Howard Zinn in the context of California state legislator and anti-war activist Tom Hayden , whose death at 76 was reported this morning. I feel like I knew Hayden from hearing him interviewed on NPR so many times, and from his runs for office here in California in the s.

As we get older, we are defined not only by what we do and whom we love, but also who we have lost. Whether for fact-checking, or to relive the magic, too often I wish I could have just one more conversation with my beloved and departed mentors, to ask them once more to share their favorite stories. Expect also questions about beaches, networking, newspaper coups, big cities, keeping up with the Hemmingways, study visas, crucial decades, first ladies, the Indian military, groups of 23 academics, bookmakers, true vines, non-tropical coasts, Austin, populous countries, popular frights, nebulae, the place of California, dances, the price one pays for rentals, Bruce Springsteen, the pleasure of just watching, Twitter, Japanese lists, implausibility, interstates, mechanics, NCAA, and Shakespeare.

I hope you can join us tonight. We also meet next Monday, and you are encouraged to come in costume.

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The themes of a campaign can teach us much about its participants. When he was running against John McCain, Barack Obama was considered to be too junior, too fresh, and too untested to be given the presidency. In effect, the success of his campaign helped to convince many that his campaign should succeed.

Using such infinitely recursive reasoning, one might wonder what we are to learn about the campaign of Donald Trump, who has moved from walls to unsubstantiated paranoid spoutings and conspiracy theories. This theory would explain why Trump handed control of his campaign to a media mogul Steve Bannon , why he has needlessly attacked fellow members of his party, and why he has risked demoralizing his own voters by repeatedly calling the election rigged.

These are logical decisions if his end goal is to wrest the intense loyalty of a large minority of the country away from other conservative organs and center it around a media brand he can control. All those rallies. All those debates. All that incessant TV coverage.

All those schoolchildren tuning in to discover more about our political system, and civic discourse. Something is amiss in Trumpville. Maybe he should have paid someone to take away his smartphone. One imagines that Trump will also find on-air jobs for his campaign advisors, such as Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, and Vladimir Putin.

Will you tune in? Happy birthday to Astronaut and Physician Mae Jemison. I look forward to seeing you this evening. Poetry Night returns to the John Natsoulas Gallery. The open mic starts at 9, and the after-party returns to the Irish Pub at The tweet was approaching 20, impressions before I deleted it. Another tweet to John McCain expressed admiration for the senior senator for withdrawing his support from Donald Trump in the aftermath of the release of the videotape that showed Trump telling stories about his proclivity for sexual assault.

I guess they have lawyers, instead. Today it was announced that the Trump Taj Mahal Casino has closed after years of losses, leaving over 3, workers without jobs. The election fatigue felt by myself and many other voters is good news for Hillary Clinton.

Guide Lee Daniels Movie The Butler Quizz Book 50 Fun and Fact Filled Questions

Now we will see how the Clinton get-out-the-vote efforts will affect the makeup of the U. Senate and House of Representatives. Speaking of dangers, the new concern is that Trump will be seen as so damaged that those voters who would seek to defeat him may stay home, thinking that they are not needed. What are your plans on election day? There will be no questions about joists. Mark your calendars now! Typically for a talkback the director, designers, technical staff and actors gather on stage to talk about their shared creative process, and to answer questions from the audience.

I knew the term from having grown up in a theatrical family — in the late s one ambitious graduate student at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, determined that my father had directed over 1, stage productions. As a child watching him give notes on some of those shows, I got to see an entire community of artists come together to reach important shared goals, and then discuss the process along the way. Although I never took to theatre as one of my professions, I do miss experiencing by proxy that sort of camaraderie and attention paid to serving an audience with professionalism, artistry, and flair.

I also miss the conversations with actors, finding that, like authors, their minds are always perceiving and synthesizing information, and preparing to share new aesthetic discoveries. If you are looking for my thumbnail review, I would say that the production is inventive, well-acted, full of expertly choreographed stage combat, and often unsettling, especially in the second half.

If you have seen the play, you know that the final critical scenes take place in a crypt, and certain spooky auditory special effects and directing choices succeed in communicating love and loss with a funereal tone, perfect for October and Halloween! Having taught classes for the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, and having taught classes more recently on content marketing, I had plenty to say.

The Davis Shakespeare Ensemble folks thank me with repeated invitations to Jukie and me, both to the fantastic productions, and to the fundraisers, such as the Bard B-Q scheduled for October 23 rd.

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But even more rewarding for me was the chance to contribute to such an important cultural resource with my quirky and nichey areas of expertise. The author and thought-leader Seth Godin once wrote that we get paid in one of three ways: cash, referrals, and attention. I hope to see you this evening. The temperatures will be cool, so plan to bring a jacket if you want to sit outside.

Thursday, October 6 th is Poetry Night in Davis. This book beautifully renders the process, rewards and disappointments of this universal human struggle. I hope you can join us Thursday night.

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As a political junkie, I have been following the news a little bit too closely for my own good. For a few weeks, Donald Trump would offer some new outrageous and offensive comment at least once a week, and Americans quite rightly turned away from him. In recent weeks, Americans have also been turning away from the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, vexing those of us who care deeply for the promise of our flawed democracy.

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  4. Commentators and comedians have pointed out the low expectations for Mr. The world will tune in tonight to see if that is true, but I hope some people tonight will user their DVRs. We will see what happens. If you want to stick around the pub and would like to meet the subject of his own documentary, you are welcome to join us at the big table, if you are not rushing home to see the recorded spectacle along with the rest of America.

    The Butler: A Witness to History

    Perhaps I will see you tonight. September 26 th is the birthday of both T. Eliot and Truman Duren, two of my favorite creatives. Also, Peter Coyote is coming to the same gallery on October 8 th. So much culture! I have seen many one-person shows over the years, including by Sir Ian McKellen long before he was Gandalf or Magneto, and by Bella Merlin, the supremely talented acting professor who now teaches at UC Riverside. Taking on this challenge requires an incredible amount of chutzpa, endurance, willpower, and oratory prowess, something McKellen and Merlin have in spades. Dave Pierini, by contrast, is the master of the dramatic reaction, the engaging conversation, and that on-stage dance of interaction and engagement.

    What I felt like I got was an expanded version of the Washington Post article this story originated from. In its entirety, this book is just under pages. Yes, the first half does introduce us to Mr. Allen and his story but I didn't feel like it was enough. Also, I was a little disappointed that Haygood reveals his motivation for finding and meeting Eugene Allen had nothing really to do with the man himself, but more to do with wanting to ride the wave of excitement that was going around the first presidential campaign of Barack Obama. He pretty much just says that he knew he needed to find another powerful story of another African-American that people could get caught up in.

    While I understand the journalistic motivation, it felt like this story could have benefited from focusing just a little more on Eugene's story itself, not just what it represented in the bigger picture. I was also a little disappointed to read that President Obama didn't seem to make more of an effort to get to know Mr. But it's pointed out that Allen not only voted for Obama, but stood out in freezing temperatures and himself in declining health to witness the inaugural ceremonies.

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    When Allen passed, the Obamas sent over a bouquet of roses and a canned response letter, read by an administrative aide about Allen's "years of service, patriotism" etc. Obama takes Air Force One a few times a year to my town just to eat at a rib joint here and I'm states away. All that only covers half of this little book. The second half focuses more on the film adaptation of Eugene Allen's story starring Forest Whitaker as Allen and its role in the history of African American cinema as a whole.

    So while what IS here of Eugene Allen's story is compelling and an important read, I again say I wish there had been more attention put on that story itself, rather than just making it a blip in a larger topic.