Reflecting on Cosmetic Surgery: Body image, Shame and Narcissism

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Attracta frequently gives talks and workshops on the history of makeup and what beauty is today for the 21st Century woman. Having previously lived and worked in New York, Attracta is now based in Europe travelling internationally. She is regularly quoted on her top make up tips and beauty trend predictions in leading glossy publications and international press. Her work has appeared on the international covers and pages of numerous global fashion and style magazines and walked the London catwalks.

  1. Reflecting on cosmetic surgery : body image, shame and narcissism?
  2. Reflecting on Cosmetic Surgery: Body image, Shame and Narcissism.
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In her own words, Attracta believes that the most intoxicating beauty is to be unique. She works with her subjects to understand not only the contours of their face and their skin tone, but their spirit and their style. Her main interest is in moral philosophy, but she also likes to work at the intersection of this field and others, such as aesthetics or epistemology. Her research focuses on the philosophy of gender, race and sexuality, especially regarding methodological, metaphysical and semantic issues.

She is also interested in issues at the intersection of ethics and aesthetics. Phillippa Diedrichs is a research psychologist with an international reputation for creating and using evidence-based strategies to improve body image in community, education, corporate, and policy settings on a local, national, and global scale.

With a PhD in health psychology from the University of Queensland, she is passionate about working in partnership to create environments that accept diversity in appearance and support individuals to live free from the constraint of appearance concerns. Luna is a collaborator on the Augmenting the Body: Disability, Care and the Posthuman interdisciplinary research project.

He has particular interest in the relationship between sport and art, and thus in the aesthetic appreciation and interpretation of sport. Before receiving a four-year doctoral scholarship from the Centre for Democracy Studies in Aarau to develop her research project on direct democracy, she studied political theory at the University of Geneva. Her Master thesis was devoted to the question of appearance discrimination from the perspective of social justice theories. Tracey Elliott University of Leicester.

After graduating from Birmingham University in , Tracey was called to the Bar and practised from 4 Paper Buildings and Bell Yard, specialising in criminal litigation and advisory work and acting for both prosecution and defence. She remains a non-practising door tenant at Bell Yard. Her PhD thesis examined the development and use of the justification of necessity in medical law. Her published work has examined Inter alia body dysmorphia and the limits of consent, childhood obesity and the use of the criminal law, and the legal implications of screening programmes.

She is a co-author of the 8th edition of Clarkson and Keating, Criminal Law Past research explored sexiness; current work develops accounts of postdigital culture, postfeminist masculinity and healthism.

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Her research focuses on social influences on body image, particularly the influence of social media and social comparisons. She is currently working on research examining ways to reduce any negative impact of social media usage on body image.

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Ali Ghanem Surgeon is interested in microsurgery, paediatric reconstructive surgery and stem cell based therapies with potential applications on coetaneous, muscle and nervous conditions. She has a keen interest in healthcare ethics and bioethics, with a special focus on the philosophy of mental health. Victoria Goodyear is a lecturer in pedagogy of sport, health and physical activity at the University of Birmingham. She is also interested in digital ethics, participatory digital methods and knowledge translation via digital animated videos.

She is known for her work concerning issues of 'Beauty' culture and identity politics. She is a Research Associate based in Fine Art Media at Slade School of Art, where she worked this year to produce a new work challenging the invisibility of women. Her research and teaching interests lie in medical and criminal law, particularly as these concern health and health policy. Sarah Grogan Manchester Metropolitan University. I am interested in body image and its impact on health-related behaviours.

I am currently involved in various projects linking body image to smoking cessation, sun tanning, and exercise, and recently led work investigating impact of an age-appearance morphing programme on smoking cessation. He has written papers, book chapters and books on issues concerning: men and masculinities; body modification, appearance and substance mis use; illness and body image; social media and body image; substance mis use and cognitive enhancement; methods for examining online data; and non-consensual pornography in online settings.

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Joyce Heckman University of Cambridge. She works on the philosophy of contemporary art, feminist aesthetics, the nature of aesthetic experience, and the connection of aesthetics to social justice. Glen Jankowski is a lecturer at Leeds Beckett University. His research interests originally began with men's body dissatisfaction.

He has since then come to see body dissatisfaction as one harm among many of capitalist, patriarchal and post-colonial societies.

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His research interests therefore have broadened to highlight the intersection of body dissatisfaction with racism, sexism etc as well as to show that harms are not only enacted through narrow media representations but are also material, institutional, political etc. Sophie A. She is currently writing her first monograph, The Reproductive Politics of American Literature and Film, , and conducting research for a second project on contemporary literature and the medicalisation of attention. She is a feminist scholar specialising in theories of the body and is one of the pioneers of social and cultural research around cosmetic surgery.

My research focuses on the underlying desires for aesthetic surgeries and beautification practices in Tehran, Iran, informed by socially-given expectations and hegemonic discourse. It attempts to offer an explanation for reconstitution and embodiment of the social processes and knowledge through individual bodies.

I have studied the ways in which gender, class and health normatives have sculpted and instilled the desires for cosmetic surgery. Chris Khoo Cosmetic and plastic surgeon has taken an active part in the development of the specialty of Plastic Surgery in Britain. He was a member of the Council of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons when it was the British Association of Plastic Surgeons , from and returned for another term until He was President of the Association in Ian James Kidd Nottingham, Philosophy is interested in the aesthetics of character, the ways that beauty, virtue, and the body relate.

As well as defending the claim that there is such a thing as beautiful character, he considers the role of aesthetics of character in religious traditions. My research interests have become delineated by ideas around autonomy, rights and gender and are focussed currently upon the regulation of cosmetic surgery and patient autonomy. I see cosmetic surgery as an increasingly popular medical treatment for women that can pose challenges for ideas around culture and agency.

I wish to see governments recognising these challenges and empowering patients.

I am also researching in the fields of body modification, aesthetics, feminist ethics, nanotechnology regulation, and climate change. Her research focuses on the causes and consequences of aggression and victimisation during adolescence and how these relate to self-promotion, body change strategies, and mental health. She was awarded a Fernand Braudel Fellowship in — She published a number of articles about female workers in a plastic surgery clinic, visualization technologies and plastic surgery, feminist critiques of Korean stem cell research, feminist science and technology studies STS theories, and new research methodologies both solely and jointly in East Asian Science, Technology, and Society: An International Journa l and Korean journals of STS, medical ethics, and cultural anthropology and also a book Living as Cyborgs in the Age of Science and Technology in Korean.

She conducted ethnographic fieldwork at a plastic surgery clinic in South Korea for about three years, continued her research at the Department of Sociology at the London School of Economics in the UK. Currently, in Paris, she has been developing her ethnographic study of plastic surgery in the context of globalization.

Her current research is on cosmetic surgery in Greece and how perceptions of beauty the body have been affected by the financial crisis present. She is interested in the development of body-image in adolescents, and how this is affected by factors such as self-compassion, celebrity interest, and media manipulation of images. Previous work has considered the pursuit of perfection with reference to infertility treatment and parents' attitudes towards gamete donors.

Edoardo Martinelli is a Ph. My main areas of research are manipulation and persuasion from a philosophical point of view.

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One of the questions I try to investigate is namely how the beauty beauty surgery, extreme care of body appearance etc. I argue here that we can find a manipulation in two ways: 1 people manipulate their bodies 2 through body or appearance modifications people manipulate others. I didn't want to stop there, I also wanted to look into the underlying issues like self hate and insecurities so can get to the root of these issues and tackle them head on.

We want to look at how afro hair in portrayed in the media with a focus on body image and why no one has thought to look at this issue as it pertains to us.

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Herjeet Marway University of Birmingham is a lecturer in global ethics. My teaching and research relates to global issues in moral and political philosophy.

Before that I worked as a consultant in industry. My research interests are mainly in global gender justice, global bioethics, and relational autonomy.