Susie and Me Days: Joy in the Shadow of Dementia

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Music is a great stress reliever for both the caregiver and the patient. Try to keep them engaged with photos, magazines, props, religious books, just about anything you feel can provide them with a meaningful connection. The possibilities are endless and the rewards can be incredible. It takes planning and practice.

Will they remember the time you spent together? Probably not. Sometimes a smile, a hug, or just holding their hand is all that is needed. Contact Susan at Website: SusanLGarbett. And to try to avoid waking someone up who is prone to confusional arousals. Confusional arousals are thought to happen when transitioning from deep sleep to a lighter sleep stage, or when woken up suddenly. Researchers in summarize what happens in a slightly more technical way:.

This is something to speak to your doctor about, especially if you have signs of a serious sleep disorder like sleep apnea. The same applies to mental health conditions that can be treated and managed. And the advice from sleep professionals is as always to practice good sleep hygiene. In particular, find ways to reduce stress, develop a consistent and relaxing bedtime routine so you go to bed in a calm frame of mind. Many people experience sleep disorders or go through periods where bizarre things happen to them at night.

At the very least they should be able to set your mind at ease. Personally, I choose to deal with it by trying not to take it too seriously. I try to laugh at myself when I do strange things like attempt to leave my bedroom via the wardrobe yes, really! I know I have other sleep problems and am constantly working on those. Perhaps the sleep drunkenness will then resolve too. I remind myself that little events like this can make life all the more colorful. Understandably, if your confusional arousal episodes are causing problems because of aggressive behavior, sleep disruption or complaints from a partner, you might not see the funny side.

What exactly happens during your episodes? Have you found anything makes them more or less frequent? So please feel free to share you your story in the comments below. Here just recently I have been waking up in the middle of the night thinking it was time to get up and I was late for work. I get out of bed and wander around the house for a few mins before I realize it is still dark out and eventually go back to bed.

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These episodes seem to be getting worse this past month. Not sure why. I wake him sometimes to take care of things left undone powering down devices, moving from recliner to bed, etc. Nine times out of ten, he jumps up with urgency, but then speaks nonsense. I have no idea how to deal with this. I only found this page because I googled the issue.

We sleep in separate rooms and I make sure our son comes straight to me when he awakes. Maybe stop waking him up? As like when you are in a drunken stupor, you tend to autonomously hold yourself back from doing seriously dangerous things; but you have limited judgement as to your actions. Thanks for the article. I woke up the other day and it took me a few minutes to understand that the strange woman in my bed was my wife.

Afterwards if felt like I was losing my mind. This happens to me periodically.

I think I have a deadline and will wake up and set my clock or make plans. I woke up in the night in darkness and I automatically turned to my left, stretched my arm to a precise length and direction, then reached for my phone unlocked it and put on the torch icon in order to ease my journey to the light switch in a careful manner. Regardless of all these, I have admittedly woken up to funny tales of my incoherent articulations, slurred speeches and senseless responses with or without provocation, shared by my bed partners to me over breakfast.

One day, my siblings called in the middle of the night from a different country to get important verification of something and all I could hear was their laughter in response to my words. Thank you son much for this explanation! I am sixty-five and in relatively good health.

I am happily married and my ninety-nine-year-old mother lives with us. She is frail physically but still has her right mind. So this is what one of my episodes is like: I wake suddenly with a frantic urge to find something.

Susie & Me Days: Joy in the Shadow of Dementia

A couple of times, I woke terrified that I had gone to sleep with my contacts in and I rarely wear my contacts I search for the solution and the contact case until I snap out of it. This only happens about once every few months. Last night, I had the feeling that I had forgotten to take some kind of important medication. I got up and turned on the bedside table lamp, and searched again frantically but could not find it. I was frantic and confused until I snapped out of it. I am afraid it is the onset of dementia or Alzheimers. I am glad to read of other experiences, but it is still unclear to me what might be causing these episodes.

I occasionally experience this the world becomes a painting, I am on the bridge of reality and only move my head to gain awareness of my surroundings then, I remember where I am. Gosh, am I glad I found this website is… thank you!

Caregiver Training: Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors - UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program

Either way, it becomes a big issue for me to make sure my guests are comfortable and have everything they need. When this is happening, I find it very disturbing. I thought I was alone on this matter. This has been going on for 4 years now and only in the last year has it gotten worse. Thank you.

My husband is mad at me because he says I called his work phone 3 times at about am and left voice mails threatening to hurt or kill him. I have absolutely no memory of this. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and find my bedroom trashed, broken lamps, gashes in the wall, glass shatters on the floor. We have been separated for 7 years and I live alone. Is this maybe unexpressed anger? I had this for the first time. This is my first time and it scared me. This happens to me often and seems to be exacerbated by SSRI medication.

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This has been present with or without medication but seems to increase with SSRI medication. I find that when I am aroused, for example, I have much more desire to go online and use a dating app, where when I am fully conscious I feel too afraid or anxious. I wish I could be in the half-subconscious state because it has a similar effect that anti-anxiety medication has had on me, particularly benzodiazepines.

I feel most at ease. A necessary premise: I live with my parents, so I help my mother with the house chores. Now, when my father comes back, I obviously go back to sleeping into my own bed. Which happens surprisingly quickly, considering that in normal circumstances, I can take up to an hour to really fall asleep. My mom used to talk in her sleep and wake up thinking strange things were happening. I used to jump out of bed brushing off the bed and flapping the covers to get them off.

Now I get up and turn the fan off thinking that if I stop it from spinning it will solve the problem. Then I wake up later hot so I turn it back on.

Susie and Me Days: Joy in the Shadow of Dementia

Sometimes the same thing will happen again the same night. Other times I have actually scooped my dog up and jumped out of bed because I thought something was going to fall on him. I can only imagine what he was thinking! Perhaps some light in the room will help.

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So strange! It was so crazy to see your comments because my fan has been haunting me for well over a year now! It is always something to do with my fan.