The Silver Locket (Choc Lit) (Charton Minster Book 1)

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The Silver Locket (Charton Minster #1) by Margaret James

University life is as I imagined it would be. Lots of parties and intrigues and, if Lily and her friends are anything to go by, lots of sex and alcohol. Studying seems to have been an after-thought, but Max is able to pass exams without studying too hard whilst Lily and Harry have to swot. There are plenty of references to life in the s when everything was beginning to change socially and in the work place. I enjoyed the images painted by Margaret as she mentioned the food and beverages consumed, fashions and music, the wonderful Indian wedding Lily attended and how her future career was influenced by the beautiful fabrics and designs she experienced, eventually sending her to India seeking fabrics for her new business.

The descriptions of her time in India are quite heady. The smells, the noise, and the bustle are all captured and leap off the page transporting the reader with her as she rides in a taxi with her contact, Sita Banerjee, experiencing India at a time when Hippies were looking for the answers to life and the universe with Gurus and holy men.

Max disappears abroad, having adventures as a travel writer. Harry is more of a plodder, the reliable one whose career stretches ahead of him - all planned out and predictable.

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Lily becomes a businesswoman and is the thread which binds them. All of Margaret's other books from the Charton Minster series are available to buy too. We offer a full spectrum, genuine 'golden' CBD oil which has the unwanted plant matter and chlorophyll removed, leaving a better tasting and more effective extract, packed full of active cannabinoids. We ensure our products have a high CBD content, giving better value for money. Our oil is as close to natural as we can get it and is vegan friendly. Buy from TheHerbKingdom.

Available to buy from Amazon. Amazon review: a wonderful book, full of practical, useful tips. If you're thinking about doing some creative writing this winter,. This site uses cookies for a better user experience, view privacy policy OK. ReviewSpot Facebook Twitter Instagram. A highly recommended book, beautifully written and definitely worthy of five stars! Marilyn Chapman Paperback provided by the publisher www. In short, this is a clever love story with a happy ending.

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A great read from a talented author. An enjoyable read with lots of atmosphere and little touches which bring the city of Oxford alive during the s and which gives a glimpse of life for women heading into the s and beyond, when anything and everything was possible. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Not all CBD oils are the same.

Readers may be interested to learn Stephen Bentley's Undercover book is now available in large print. This is a boon to us 'with visual issues. Available in great tasting Elderberry or Honey and Lemon flavours. Directions for use: Shake before use. It's just such an enjoyable genre to read and, like a fellow author recently said to me, it's like being surrounded by your best friends.

What comes first with you - story, situation, character, setting? I think it's different every time. With my first books, it was the setting, the second series it was a character and for Forever Fredless , the situation! My next chick lit book in the planning stage! Did the characters in Forever Fredless turn up in your head unannounced, or did you have to work hard at developing them?


I've been pretty lucky with characters so far, they have always just appeared, often unannounced and I love it when happens because I am often surprised! Who is your favourite character in Forever Fredless, and why? Julianne editor of Liberty Magazine was a lot of fun to write but I particularly love Kate's mum.

Although she's only in the book a short time, I really loved writing her. She's very unusual in that she lives a nomadic lifestyle in Africa! Do you intend to write more chick lit?

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I have so many ideas in my head but I need to finish my next YA book first, and then I can concentrate on my next Chick Lit book which is going to be lots of fun - both researching and writing. Please tell me five fascinating facts about you? Yes, of course you're fascinating - all writers are fascinating, aren't we?

I worked as the Script Supervisor for a British movie that was recently shot in the Algarve. Give us a taster of what Forever Fredless is all about? Kate Robinson has spent the past two decades yearning to find her soul mate, the boy she found and then lost during a family holiday.

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Shortly after her twenty-eighth birthday, however, she inherits a fortune from an old family friend and becomes something of an overnight celebrity. Can her new-found fame lead her to him after all this time? Ooh, sounds great - looking forward to reading! Thank you for talking to me today. Funny - all the cake seems to have disappeared It's the beginning of October, which means there is a new chapter of The Creative Writing Student's Handbook up on the Creative Writing Matters website - and it's free for a whole month.

This new chapter deals with the actuality of being a writer. What do writers do all day? What inspires and what depresses them? Do they think writing is worthwhile? If you decided you wanted to write, where should you start? After you've read the chapter, please comment if you wish.

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Rose Courtenay is having a busy week! Who is Rose Courtenay? She's the heroine of my Dorset trilogy and you can read the first part of her story free on iTunes this week. Rose is very dear to my heart. She's been with me for a very long time. She first walked into my head about ten years ago and told me to tell her story. Nowadays, I probably know more about Rose than I know about myself. I also know about her descendants, and this year I am writing her great-grand-daughter Rosie's story.

Actually, I've got a bit out of sequence, because her grand-daughter Lily's story is still to be written. But there's time. Busy, busy, busy! Sunday, July 21, Amazon Daily Deal. Yes, it's one of those blink-and-you-miss-it offers.

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We were based on one of Sheffield University's sites, The Edge, which is a beautifully designed and landscaped place on the edge fancy that of the city. The lake was especially lovely and as I walked around it on Saturday morning I was very tempted to kick off my shoes and have a paddle. But I didn't want to scare the moorhen chicks.