Varieties of Social Explanation

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See Ross et al. The flagpole problem comes from the example of deriving the height of a flagpole from the length of its shadow and mathematical and physical laws which is an apparent counterexample to the N-D account of explanation, since the derivation does not explain the height of the flagpole. This problem is really just an instance of the shadow and flagpole problem for N-D accounts of explanation, namely deriving does not suffice to explain.

Smith Smith, Sheldon. Violated laws, ceteris paribus clauses, and capacities. A classic case of treating explanation this way is the use of R-squared statistical measure in the social sciences as a measure of explanatory power.

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Explanation of types of social capital - Social Capital Research & Training

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Kinds of Explanation in Social Science: Laws, Contexts, and Conceptual Breakthrough

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Julian Reiss Journal of Economic Methodology. Published online: 13 Mar More Share Options. Introduction to the philosophy of social research. An introduction to the philosophy of science. Continental Philosophy of Social Science.

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