When The Fog Clears: A story about marriage, divorce, introspection and forgiveness

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He remained at work, stopped in on way home. Gave me gift of perfume, no hug or comforting. Worked all next day,again stopped at hospital on way home. I was sent home with him. Next day he went off on 3 day business trip, i laid in bed and cried, all alone. We eventually had a beautiful son. He has no affection for him, treats him either like a playmate or emotional punching bag. He had high level job in Manhattan, company gave him big promotion. He accepted new position, then walked out to work with man he hardly knew. Lasted 3 months, he walked out. Unknown to me, he stopped paying our mortgage.

When bank about to reposess house he took off to Wisconsin leaving me and our son to discover our home was no longer ours. We moved to Florida. Husband began coming to visit, then showed up demanding to move in. Our son married, moved to Seattle away from his father. My life has always been focused on our son, protecting him. Now husband is 79, i am Divorce at this stage of life not for me.

He continues believing he is perfect husband and father, my son and i could fill several books with the Hell he has put us through over the years. I have friends and social life and live separate life from husband who has never had a friend nor wants one and his family closed their doors to him many years ago. I have recently discovered Aspbergers and now can understand all of what i have endured.

There should be required testing before marriage licenses are issued so people can know beforehand and have ability to walk away and find a loving caring happy marriage with someone else..

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I am married to an undiagnosed Aspergers or ASD 46 year old man for 19 years. We have 2 kids, boy and girl, our boy is diagnosed ASD because I pushed to know what was going on and needed to know how to help him. My marriage or should I say lack of relationship has become intolerable. I am trapped in this loveless home, where there is no joy, no love, only existing I am the care giver to all 3, my husband is the bigger child. His moods are terrible, coming home from work creates and anxiety I cannot describe as am I going home to Jekyll or Hyde.

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I want to stay in our home with our kids and have asked him to leave and he refuses saying we leave in a box. I do not want to unsettle my kids but I think I will have to go uprooting my little ones all to give him his own way, yet again.

It's his way or no way. I have no opinion that he acknowledges, he makes decisions and doesn't tell me. It's like I have no right to know anything that's happening. He has no empathy or consideration for my extended family but for his own he puts on an act of mr nice guy. We have had very little physical relationship in the last 19 years, He told me he doesn't like it but wanted the kids.

When the Fog Clears: A Story about Marriage, Divorce, Introspection and Forgiveness

He says he has no urge towards me and but that he wants to keep the house together, which I take it to mean I continue to be Cinderella. He will never leave this house and is using our son to ensure than I don't either. I feel trapped, it's like a hostage situation where even my thoughts and actions are controlled to keep the peace.

It's exhausting, I feel like the happiness has been sucked out of me leaving this damaged, shell of a person. Anti depressants have helped in the last 6 or 7 years. It's sad to admit that to get through life you need to medicate whilst my Husband plods along "fine with Fine". He's happy, hasn't changed in the last 20 years. Nobody outside our house had a clue that I was living this joke of an existence as he would always push that we have a great marriage "we never argue" - so True!

I have been his Mother and that's what he wants I feel used, neglected, unloved. I am 44, feel like I can't wait for my life to be over to have peace in my head. I have become brainwashed to try to keep my Husband and Son calm, don't rock the boat, keep the house quiet, running like a train where change or anything spontaneous is veto'd. Visitors are not welcome.

Never leaves, there is no respite from this hell. He has decided the marriage is going to work and therefore as he thinks it then I must too as he cannot see I have an opinion or original thought of my own. By work he means continue as is, like Groundhog Day.

An Open Letter: Self-Discovery vis-à-vis Divorce

No intimacy not that I want that now no laughs, just work, sleep, eat, stay in the house, see no one. NT married to an aspie. My life.

Am I screwed or what. Yes I guess I am. He's not violent now. Had too much to lose didn't he? I just want to be no more. Thank you for all of your testimonials.

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I am an inordinately patient and accommodating step mother of an undiagnosed 12 year old with ASD. The impact it has on all of us is immense and there's no recognition or even belief of this amongst anyone we know therefore no support or empathy.

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I have often felt like leaving but I love my husband so much and we have a young child together who I don't want to take away from her family home. Walking on egg shells all the time, being held hostage in our home, every single event that is supposed to contain joy being full of melt downs and stress is just an awful experience of life.

Whenever you confide in anyone they say " Well it's much worse for your step daughter who is in a state of heightened anxiety" I know this and we act accordingly, accommodating her every wish and need for control but it makes life heavy and isolated and boring. Birthdays, holidays, Christmases, gatherings, celebrations, days out are all fraught with tension to the point where I now avoid these events and feel I don't have a full life.

She is awful towards her mother it's like watching someone have to be in an abusive relationship with no way out, this impacts her mum's mental health very badly. I'm so glad I found this forum, i have just read the Cassandra Syndrome page and it has really resonated with me. I cannot thank you enough for your article on Post Traumatic Relationship Syndrome. I think it is brilliant! It is a spot on analysis of what I have experienced in my almost 40 year marriage and am in the process of healing from now I think that one's fundamental beliefs in the goodness in people and fairness in life is a double edged sword.

First it works to confuse and blind us to the true nature of what is happening to us at the time and then once we free ourselves from the abuser, it shakes us to the core to have to take our rose colored glasses off and see the horrendous reality of our life experience Your article is a wonderful gift for those who, unfortunately, from their own experience really get it. Thank you so much!!!

Surviving Separation/Divorce - Marriage Unveiled

I read the testimonials and I agree with everyone's testimonials. I am married to someone who had just been diagnosed with high functioning autism and I am really considering whether I should continue the relationship or not. We've been together for 10 years but married for almost 5 years. Throughout our relationship I have always wondered what was going on.